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Tetonwana Lodge #105
Sioux Council, BSA

OA Ceremonies Resources
Indicates a link to another webpage

*OA Ceremonies Training Guide.pdf

*Broken Arrow Ceremony.pdf (password required)
*OA Ceremonies Helps.pdf (password required)
*OA Ceremonies Performance.pdf (password required)
OA Ceremony Tips.pdf
*OA Ceremony_Advisor_Tips.pdf (password required)
*Ordeal Ceremony Script.pdf (password required)
OA Call-out Ceremonies.pdf

Guidelines for OA Call-out CeremoniesExternal Link
*Pre-Ordeal and Ordeal Ceremonies.pdf (password required)
*Brotherhood Ceremony (password required)
*Vigil Ceremony (password required)
Conducting Public OA Ceremonies - PowerPoint PresentationExternal Link
OA Guide to InductionsExternal Link
Native American Dance OutfitsExternal Link
Gray Owl Indian CraftsExternal Link

The Legend of the OrderExternal Link

Indian Lore Merit BadgeExternal Link

American Indian Craft Supply & ProductsExternal Link

Guidebook for the Manufacturer and Use of Plateau Style Indian Outfits
Instructions for making a Breech Cloth
Beginning Guide to Appliqué Beadwork
Indian Pow Wow Etiquette
Make a Native American DrumExternal Link

Native American Drum InstructionsExternal Link
Native American Hand Drum Tips - VideoExternal Link
Indian Drum Making - VideoExternal Link
Indian Regalia Leggings.pdf

The Meteu Shuffle.pdf (password required)
NOC Bay Trading Company - Indian CraftsExternal Link
Craftkits - Indian CraftsExternal Link
Tonkawampus Lodge's Guide to The American Indian CultureExternal Link
Great Ordeals - Starting and Continuing the Magic!.pdf
OA Rededication Ceremony.pdf

*(To access the ceremonies, you must provide a password. The files are safeguarded in the following manner: Ordeal - the Admonition;
Brotherhood - the answer to the question, "Have you seen the Arrow?"; Vigil: the watchwords. All passwords are lower case, no spaces.)

 Other OA Lodges are welcome to link to this webpage.



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