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Introducing the Guide to Advancement

The long-awaited—and much anticipated—new Guide to Advancement is finally finished. Your electronic copy can be accessed via this link: Link.  It is currently on the press and will be delivered for sale at Scout shops in the fall. The guide has been reorganized for easy reference and features a list of the questions most often asked of the national Advancement Team. It is a complete rewrite of the Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures, which it replaces.

Councils may choose to make a transition over the next few months from the former advancement publication to the new Guide to Advancement. After January 1, however, the new guide must be consulted for all advancement procedures. Until January 1, Eagle Scout candidates may choose to use either the new Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook or the one we have been using. The new workbook in fillable PDF will be added shortly to www.Scouting.orgExternal Link.  

Because the new guide has been completely rewritten, it is difficult to cite specific differences.  However, a number of sections merit close review. These can be found in the guide under section, “Significant Changes.” Note that the contents pages and index based on the new section numbering system should make it more efficient to find various references on advancement procedures.

New Eagle Scout Service Project Work Book

You will find a nonfillable version of the new workbook as an attachment to Advancement News. The fillable PDF document will be available shortly at Link . Like the Guide to Advancement, it has been completely rewritten. The new workbook supports the revised wording in Eagle Scout requirement 5, which calls for a project proposal to be approved by the council or district, rather than “the project plan.” 

Scouts have a choice to use either the new workbook or the one it is replacing. If they have already had their Eagle Scout service project approved by the council or district under the current wording of requirement 5,using the current workbook, they should continue with the same workbook. If their project has not yet been approved by the council or district, they may elect to use the new wording and the new workbook. For Scouts who choose to use the new workbook, those approving Eagle Scout service projects must evaluate projects accordingly, using the procedures outlined in the Guide to Advancement, and judging candidates’project proposals.

Those responsible for council or district project approval do not have the authority to require use of the previous workbook edition if Scouts have elected to use the new requirement and the new workbook.

We are aware of issues some Eagle Scout candidates have encountered using fillable PDF workbooks. Though we have taken some measures to improve the fillable PDF, some may still experience difficulties with it. As a solution, we are currently working toward a new approach to the workbook that may involve an online, interactive, downloadable application. If testing proves it to be a superior document, fully functional on virtually any operating system, we will abandon the fillable PDF version. Regardless, the workbook will continue to be available for printing a hard copy that can be completed by hand or with a typewriter.

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