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What is the My.Scouting Website?

Have you heard about the My.Scouting website?  Did you know that you can update or correct training dates?  Did you know you can print an official roster?

Click on My.Scouting.orgExternal Link to see all of the things you can do.  The site works best using Google Chrome as your internet browser.

Click here for printable version of information below.  My.Scouting Tools Functionality


My Scouting Tools Functionality

Every registered member has the ability to:

• Update own profile information (including address, phone, email, work, education)

• View completed training information and print training certificate(s)

• Print membership card(s) for each registered position

• View calendar events associated to their organization (unit, district, council, etc.)

• View announcements associated to their organization

Administrative Capability (Key 3s or designees only)

Organization Security Manager

• Key 3s at each organizational level (unit, district, council, area, region, and national) are able to assign the Key 3 Delegate role (aka Plus 3) to up to three other registered adults in their organization. The Key 3 roles are automatically assigned based on their registered position(s) once their member number is linked to a My Scouting account.

• Key 3s/Plus 3s can o Administer the tools

o Access dashboards and reports

o Update contact information and training records, etc., with ability to drill down or update information within their organization

o Assign functional roles of YPT champion and training chairman to any registered adult on their roster. This grants them access to the Training Manager tool and is available at all organizational levels.

• Plus 3s are delegated most of the Key 3 privileges; cannot administer the acceptance of adult leaders or youth (BSA Bylaws).

Member Manager

• View organization roster

• Export certain roster information

• Update certain contact information for members in their organization

• Print membership cards

• Print Youth Member Age Report (available at the unit level)

• Assign members to unit sub-orgs (dens, patrols, committees, etc.)

Training Manager

• Dashboard view of Trained Leaders and Youth Protection Training status/counts

• Add adult training information for members in their organization structure

• Search and view member’s training history and YPT status

• Print member’s training certificate(s)

• Download Member Training Report, which lists individual members’ current, completed training records and any incomplete position-specific trainings

• Download Training Summary Report (available at the council, area, region, national levels only)—provides dashboard status overview of those who are position trained and not trained, and YPT status

• Download District Contact Report (available at the district level only)—identifies the Key 3s in each unit in the selected district, including contact information and YPT status

• Download Trained Leaders Report (available at the district/unit level only)—lists those who are position-trained or not

• Download Roundtable Exception report (available at district/unit level only)—lists those who are not positioned trained along with the additional training courses needed to become position-trained

• Download Youth Protection Aging Report—lists each member’s YPT status: Never Taken, Expired, Expires in 30-60-90 days, and within two years

Organization Manager

• Maintain organization details (social media information)

• Create sub-organizations in their unit, i.e., dens, patrols, committees, etc. (available at the district/unit levels only)

Commissioner Administration (available to all commissioners except unit and roundtable)

• Assign commissioners to units

• View assigned units

Commissioner Tools (available to all commissioners and council/district professionals only)

• View dashboard status of assigned units and contact history

• Record and schedule unit contacts

• Plan, record attendance, and monitor effectiveness at roundtable events

• Email Unit Key 3 a unit assessment form

• Conduct simple or detailed unit assessments

• Print administrative commissioner reports

• View Commissioner Profile details

• Add discussion topics

Note: Commissioner Tools is being rolled out now. Councils will be converted from UTVS on an opt-in basis between now and March 1.

A MyScouting account is required to access My.Scouting Tools (MyST). Registered members will need to link their MyScouting account with their member number/person number. Security in MyST is controlled by the registered position/assigned functional role and the organization where the person is registered. These changes will be synced to MyST overnight.


For more information regarding My.Scouting Tools, refer to the MyST FAQs, or email


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